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Utah Aquaponics System

Documenting My Utah Aquaponics Adventure

  1. November 2011 - Busy month for Utah Aquaponics

    Utahans ae finding aquaponics in droves. This month I toured 4 different groups through our system. More and more people are learning about the benifits of aquaponics. I had several family groups and 2 commercial ventures come through. It's good to see so many people considering starting a system.
  2. Utah Aquaponics System Part 16 - Plant Deficiencies

    I'm reposting this here for completeness. Also, I netted up some of the Bass, the 1 inch fingerling's are now 3-4 inches and growing nicely! I'm very happy with them. The Bluegill are all over the map size wise. I'm thinking of adding a few rainbow trout now that the weather has cooled off and the tank temps have come down. Also, the days are getting shorter, I'm looking into lights to keep the crops growing through the winter.

    Here is my post from another thread regarding plan deficiencies. ...
  3. Utah Aquaponics System - 6 Month Update

    Originally Posted 20-August-2009

    What a difference 2 weeks makes. The fingerling's appear to have doubled in size and are frantic feeders. No loses since treatment and very active fish. The kids love to watch me feed morning and night as they just boil the surface when I feed. Compared to the Bluegill, these guys grow like weeds.

    I had some problems with the cucumbers losing the baby fruit and growing tips slowing down. I was not adding enough calcium and potassium. ...
  4. Utah Aquaponics System Part 15 - Water Heater Regulation Details

    Originally Posted 5-August-2009

    Here is more detail on how the water heater in my system works. One issue with any system in a aquaculture system is the possibility of poisoning from the components of the system. For example, Copper pipes will give off enough toxic elements that over time it will kill fish. All components must be inert to prevent fish loss.

    The Water heater has coated steel inlet and outlets. The drop tube is plastic, the drain and overpressure valve ...
  5. Utah Aquaponics System Part 14 - Hybrid Stripped Bass Fingerlings Problems

    Originally Posted 21-July-2009

    The replacement shipment arrived. This time in good health. There were 134 fingerlings in the box and only 1 was belly up. The rest were actively swimming and looked good. The water tested very close to mine, including temperature. I slowly exchange water for about 45 min. Then we netted them out, counting them as we put them in the tank. These guys are vigorous swimmers and eaters. They are fun to watch.

    The next morning 12 were belly ...
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