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Utah Aquaponics System

Documenting My Utah Aquaponics Adventure

  1. Utah Aquaponics System Part 5 - Heating/Cooling, Plumbing, Pipes and finally WATER!

    Originally Posted 26th-February-2009

    Yet another day gone and AT LAST there is water. Nothing every goes as easy as it looks.

    This day’s work started a month ago with diagrams and elevations and planning. I redid the plan at least 3 times. First a Two Pump system with dump tanks, then a two pump system on timers and floats, then a single pump system with bell siphons and pump in the sump.

    At first I considered Trout and would have needed ...
  2. Utah Aquaponics System Part 4 – The Search for Grow Bed Media – Expanded Shale

    Originally Posted 21st-February-2009
    Finding gravel seemed like the easiest thing to do. Run down to the local gravel pit and pick up a cubic yard. But, gravel is heavy it runs 110 lbs per cubic foot, and can be sharp, cutting your hands when planting in it. So the search began for the better alternative. Expanded Clay (Hydroton or Leca) was the recommendation. I called all the local supply houses in Utah, nobody carries it or an equivalent expanded clay. I called several national suppliers, ...
  3. Utah Aquaponics System Part 3 - The Search for Fish Tanks and Grow Beds

    Next came the search for tanks. I looked at the few commercial systems available in the U.S. and as much as I liked the idea of getting a complete package, all were out of my price range and none were configured the way I wanted. From the forums I saw that IBC Totes (48” x 40” x 40”+ tall) (1200mm x 1000mm x1000mm) were a great choice. I began watching ebay and craigslist and found a few, most in the $75-$100 dollar range, and all out of state. Checking on shipping it would cost me over $100 each ...
  4. Utah Aquaponic System Part 2 - Getting an Education

    Once I decided to make go of it, I then had to get educated. I ordered a bunch of books and videos. I read all kinds of things on the Internet, including great information from the various Aquaponics forums (Yahoo Barrelponics group, Aquaponicshq,, backyardaquaponics, S&S Aquaponics and more).

    Some of the better information came from Dr. James E Rakocy with the University of the Virgin Islands (UVI). While the rest of us have been having fun trying different ...
  5. Utah Aquaponics System Part 1 (Feb 2009)

    For 10 years I have had an 18' x 32' foot (5.5 x 9.75 meters) greenhouse at our present location. It was moved from our last house and it was never fully setup. Then in the summer of 2008, we finally had to replace the plastic covering. Then my Giant Pumpkins contracted Fuserium Oxysporum and died (I had 200lb (90kgs) baby pumpkins on the vine). My personal best is 580lbs(265kgs). I was in a sorry state.

    With lots of extra time on my hands my attention turned to the greenhouse. I repaired ...
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