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  1. Indoor System - Progress Pics 1

    My starting pile of lumber Click image for larger version

Name:	pile of lumber.jpg
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ID:	190
    One of several cut templates that I made for the many quickly reproduceable cuts I had to makeClick image for larger version

Name:	CutTemplate.jpg
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ID:	188

    my fearless helper pre-drilling posts for deck screws. Click image for larger version

Name:	fearless helper.jpg
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ID:	191 Well, I'm not sure I can say "fearless" she supportive and excited, but a little nervous I think
    the base of my tankClick image for larger version

Name:	tankBase.jpg
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ID:	189 and then the tank all framed Click image for larger version

Name:	tankFamed.jpg
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Size:	428.5 KB
ID:	192 ...
  2. Indoor System - the first phase of building

    After hammering out the dimensions and then the materials list. Deciding on what plants I'd like to grow and trying to source some major costs items I got lucky. I ran across a suite billboard cast off from a local company that would serve as the basis for my entire system for just $75. The only thing better than the cost was the subject matter I was so disappointed. NOT.

    I also was able to connect to a local salvage company to get some 4' x 2' x 3" fluorescent lights for $5.00 ...
  3. Indoor System - Design

    Basing my design of my room size and the given constants previously discussed I came up with this design.

    This allows me to grow tall vine plants, short shrub plants, have a small area for DWC via floating raft and a verticle channel system. This system will start with 12 4 tube 40watt fluorescent lights that I picked up from a salvage yard. My tank is 350 gallons
  4. Indoor System - Room

    I decided to bring my system indoors. I did this primarily due to lack of space in my yard, room in my home and the ability to control more aspects of my system such as temperature, air and water quality as well as dramatically increase my growing season.

    Click image for larger version

Name:	RoomLayout.jpg
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    This is the layout of the room in my basement that I had to use. It offered 125 square feet of useable floor space and just over 8 feet of vertical height.
    There were a few constants ...
  5. Challenges

    For me some of the greatest challenges I faced when putting my system design together were :
    • Space
    • budget
    • ROI
    • ROI with Fresh, herbicide and pesticide free, ripe food
    • deciphering the massive amount of information that applied to my situation
    • deciphering the government regulations that applied to me, my system and situation

    For some more details.

    Space: I like many Utahans have a large home on a small lot. To make matters worse my home faces east making ...
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