• Urban Aquaponics Community Launched

    UrbanAquaponics.com is the first fully integrated Aquaponics Community. Anyone interested, whether they have an Aquaponics Systems on not, can contribute, participate in, and benefit from this community by:

    1. Writing and Publishing Aquaponic Related Articles
    2. Creating, Posting, and Updating Personal Aquaponics Blogs
    3. Participating and contributing in the Aquaponics Forums
    4. Sponsoring, Joining, and Participating in Aquaponic Groups (in the forum section).

    We are excited to provide this new resource to the Aquaponic enthusiasts everywhere. Unlike other Aquaponics websites where your contribution is limited to questions and answers in a forum, here you have full opportunity to publish articles, create personal Blogs, contribute in forums, and to organize into neighborhood, regional, national, or other groups. This site gives you the place to gather and participate.

    Take time to Register so you can contribute; Browse around and try out all the new features; Email with your questions, comments and suggestions.
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    1. builderguy1's Avatar
      I am new to aquaponics, and have built a system. Just now getting it up and running. I am having trouble finding tilapia fingerlings for sale... I need about a thousand. Anybody have any ideas?