• Inexpensive Aquaponics Battery Backup System

    I picked this up on one of the other forums, originally posted by Kellerw on a pond oriented site.

    It turns out I had a UPS unit laying around the house and the only thing wrong with it was a bad battery. (This is one of those things we use to back up our computers in case of a power outage). I wanted more battery than what came with the UPS anyway hence the deep cycle trolling motor.
    Aquaponics Battery Backup

    I added male spade connectors to one end to connect to the wiring in the UPS where the small bad battery was, and then female battery post leads to the other end to connect it to a deep cycle trolling motor battery.
    Homemade Electrical Connections for Aquaonics Systems

    Here's the set up on a shelf I built connected to a the battery underneath it. (There is more clearance around the unit than it appears for air cooling). The recirculating aquaculture system is on the other side of the wall, which is nice as all the power and plug ins are separated by a wall.

    The AC pump that runs the rotating biofilter by dropping water on the paddles and moves water out of the clarifier is plugged into the UPS. I purposely cut the power to that outlet at the breaker box, and the UPS did it's job and automatically cut over to the battery.
    Sampe Aquaponics System Backup

    He further reported that it takes 40-60 hours for a dead battery to initially recharge. This would only be a problem if you have back to back long outages. It is recommended that you have a backup generator for any serious sized system and use the battery backup as the second backup to run the air pumps in the event the generator fails.
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