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Going for it

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After a lot of reading, reading, perusing, planning and budgeting I am finally going for it ! I am setting up my Aquaponics system.

First off I want to thank Neil for having this resource for Aquaponics and for being so willing to share his knowledge, his resources, trials, errors and triumphs. I would have probably been a lot more hesitant had I not had the opportunity to see a system in action.

For some of the reasons why I decided to do Aquaponics I would point you to a Facebook group that I setup.

I've decided to more forward on this blog with the details of my setup and success, if that's okay with the owner vs Facebook.
I've done that so there is a more centric collection of information as well as to provide more information to Utah based Aquaponics specifically and to take part in the slowly growing community that is Urban Aquaponics.

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